Wall hangings of the Reiki Principles,

in Indian Khadi Silk.

.Size approx 90 cms by 55cms (27 inches by 21 inches)

Cost 44 (approx. $76 U.S.or 60 Euros)

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COLOURS: SILK: black, purple, light pink, emerald green ,

SCREEN PRINTING is in gold & silver.

Other colours of silk and printing to suit your individual preferences may be available or possible by arrangement, but will probably cost extra unless we happen to have them in stock.

Other sizes or designs are possible but you will have to pay for the screenprinting stencils to be made!

The Bamboo Design is exactly as it appears in the Reiki Alliance Blue Book (with their permission!)

These hangings are ideal for Reiki Practitioners and Masters to display on a wall

during Reiki Treatments and Classes,

to enhance a Reiki Stall or an exhibition display, or when giving talks or public presentations on Reiki,

or just for your enjoyment at home, and a constant reminder of our Reiki aspirations!

Another Design is with just Reiki in gold insread of the 5 principles (see bottom right above).

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