What is Reiki?

Reiki is beyond words. 

It is known through experience 
and practice rather than explanation.

 Reiki Visions 


A simple,  gentle, 
powerful way of helping 
yourself and others


About Reiki
Who can benefit from Reiki?
How can you learn Reiki?
Who can learn Reiki?

Explanation of words used in Reiki

An invitation to experience REIKI

Having a Reiki Treatment

Giving Yourself a Reiki Treatment

Advice on choosing a Reiki Master

First Degree Reiki

Second Degree Reiki

Reiki Mastery

Mikao Usui, 1865 to 1926,the founder of Reiki
Chujiro Hayashi, d.1940 who brought Reiki to Hawaii
Hawayo Takata d.1980 who brought Reiki to North America

Hawayo Takata's 22 Masters who spread Reiki all over the world

A Guide to the Various Forms and Systems of Reiki

Is Reiki Lineage Important?

Reiki Products that we make and sell:

Silk Wall Hangings of the Reiki Principles and CD recordings of Hawayo Takata talking about Usui and Hayashi and 3 Books and Biographies of Takata  :

The Reiki Alliance

The UK Reiki Association